Wednesday, February 9, 2011


sometimes i swear that life is just plain ol' talkin'
with me.

i was rushin' around down here tryin' to get something done
before headin' out....

fillin' an order and thinking.
thinking about life.

i've been reading over and over that a lot of us (yes,
this is me) think we can escape life's hard parts.
we fight the flow and forget that it's all part of life.
every darn bit of it. (yes, this is me)

so i'm working on being aware of that.
as i packed that order, i thought about it.
how i really need to get better about 'okay, so this is it.'

just as i was thinking that, a note came in from a friend.
it's the anniversary of her son's death. many years ago.
when he was little.


i stopped everything and looked out at the sky and bowed my head.

i came back to work shaking my head.
get a grip ter, you have no idea how lucky you are.

and i swear, i feel like life was just plain ol' talking to me.

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