Friday, March 11, 2011

a cool moment

the coolest thing happened yesterday.

it's not unusual for someone to think they're taking one of
our quote of the day emails and forwarding it to someone they
know with their own personal note on it. and then by accident,
they hit the wrong button, and i get the note.

i just answer them and let them know so they can send it where
they wanted to originally send it. i usually catch it before
i hit anything i feel is too personal and just stop reading.

yesterday this happened. only the note was one or two sentences.
and i had read the whole thing before i realized it wasn't for me.
and very was from a HE to a she.

i was overwhelmed with feeling like i landed where i shouldn't have,
timidly let him know and then actually walked away from the computer
as i felt like i had totally invaded his privacy. walking away
was like leaving the room.

i went up to light the pellet stove in my living room.
i was cleaning out the ashes when i started to think about what
he had written. it wasn't a very gentle note. and it certainly
wasn't going to help his cause. i knew how i'd react to a note like

and then i got to thinking about 'men.'

okay. i need to be clear here. i don't include bob in that category.
and that makes me laugh. as he's pretty male. but he wasn't in this
group in my mind. this group included a lot of men that i had met/known
that just drove me nuts. the thick headed, self centered, have all
the right words mixed in with all the selfish actions men.

and i got to asking quite loudly inside myself:
'what IS their problem?!"
'don't they KNOW what it is they do???'

and i got to thinking i should write a letter to all the stupid
men in the world.

i kid you not, i was gettin' riled up as i cleaned up those ashes.
obviously, this guy hit a button.

when i got back to my computer, there was a note from the very same guy.

he was so glad he had sent it to me by accident as when he got it
returned he could see that it sounded hurt and angry and he wasn't
going to send it.

i melted.

i wrote him back.
told him i thought that was a good choice.
and of course, told him the importance of hearing her and seeing her.

a small exchange went back and forth between us.
and he actually sounded like a good guy.

i eased up on the men everywhere feeling.

in fact....i saw my hot headed reaction a lot like the reaction one
of those very same men that i was angry about would have.
it was one of complete knowing and plowing thru like a darn bull
or something.

how funny, i thought.

i was one of THOSE GUYS there for a few minutes.
it's a pretty funny visual for me.

and i got to thinking about the kind notes i exchanged with this guy
and how in that kindness a conversation could take place.

everyone gets hurt and angry.
and we're all operating from where we are.

i have to remember that.
i so have to remember that.


Anonymous said...

This is so great! Amazing insight.
Love it!


Anonymous said...

no coincidences huh terri?? :-)