Thursday, March 10, 2011


so after this morning's funky beginning
(see post below)
i had a business meeting with the guys.
got psyched and reignited for the five million
things i have goin' on that i need to be workin'

the number of hours in my day can be a problem
at times. sometimes i just need them doubled.

shutting down all distractions, i dived in.
trying to double the value of each hour i got.
i was feelin' better and better.

an inspiration had hit and i got yet another
project to work on! the energy was coming back.

as i was coming up for air, i got a call from
someone who makes me belly laugh. he's my cousin
and one of my favorite people ever.

when he calls i worry.
i figure a family member died.
once we get past that worry, we're okay.
altho, when he started with he had good news and
bad news.....i wasn't real comfortable.

once we got past that, and determined it was
mostly good news......the laughing began.

i don't know what it is but there's no one on earth
i laugh with like i do with him. well, with him and his
wife too. they just get me goin' and pretty soon it's
over and i'm laughin' as loud as a horse or something.

it's laughter that i just don't get in other places.
the fact that we share a lot of family craziness has got
to help. we know all the players and all the inside jokes
and there's just some comic relief in that in itself.

after i hung up, i found myself still laughing.

the laughter has quieted down, but the smile is stuck
on my face.

how cool is that?!
to have someone in your life who lifts your spirits like

i sit here and shake my head and think of the financial funk
of this morning.
WHY do you do that, ter???

the riches surround me......the laughter of my cousin is
so definitely one of those riches.

and i have piles and piles of riches.

when will i ever just keep that knowing and not fret so much???

one day at a time.
compassion for when i slip.
and refocusing on the riches over and over and over.

feeling wealthy......

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