Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a cool thought.....

i liked this and wanted to share.........

from 'when the past is present' by david richo.

'is there a middle way between hope and despair?
it is the unconditional yes to the given of life that
our needs are sometimes met and sometimes not, that
life is not always predictable, that things do not
always come out the way we want. between the extremes
of hope and despair there flies a wise owl. he is the
one that lands not in the marches of wishful thinking
nor in the desert of despondency but on the tree of
life, the reality of how things are in the human world.
we can sit with him on any branch of mindfulness.
there we feel a sense of divine balance and we realize
that our unconditional yes was how we aligned ourselves
to it.'

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