Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a house project!

last nite i saw the value of 'not having it all' again,
and i smiled cause it really does have its good points.

between some tax money i'll be getting back and a little
birthday stash i'm thinking i might get, it looks like i'll
have a little cash in hand to do a house project.

the guys have been workin' on the kitchen with me. and
we were all up there last nite when i threw out the idea
that maybe we actually COULD replace the floor with something

'if money was no object,' i said,' what would you want to do??'
and the ideas went wild.

i laughed and said 'okay. okay. really. ideas that you REALLY
want to do.'

and that's when the fun for me really started.
i just listened.
and i watched.

and i saw.

these guys know the deal now. they really know it.
we've only got so much. what would be the best way to spend it.

they get that.
and it's not a chore of a thought for them.
it's the way it is.
and it's the deal to figure it out.
and it's part of the fun.

it's part of the fun.

go figure.

i don't want to forget that.

i squirm way too much about stuff being tight.
and yeah, it will be great fun when it's not so tight.
that will have its own kinda fun! i'm sure of that!

but! to see these guys tryin' to choose just exactly
how to get the most bang for the buck was a tickle.

i think what it was was their attitudes.
there wasn't any sign of it being tiring or hard.
they were thrilled there was a little extra cash to
play with, and they were gonna do it right.

there was happiness, excitement, and the feeling of
a challenge - almost like a game.

like a game.

which it really is, isn't it?

i want to remember this.

there's something really positive about where we are right now.
and my gosh, to lose that realization would be a shame.

it's been quite a journey with these guys.
and i can't believe i'm saying it, but our tight finances
have been some of the best parts.

how weird is that?!

gifts aren't always obvious are they?

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