Thursday, March 3, 2011


i thought of writing a blog about it, but decided to pass.
and then my friend the queen commented on the very thing,
and i said...i gotta do it.

i was so taken with this truffle bomb cake that i also
posted about it on facebook! and i stirred up one of my friends
with this.

she also wanted me to go back and get it because life is short.
and then i think i upset her when i wasn't going back.

both the queen and my other friend have a great point.
and i totally believe in indulging and grabbing chances.
life IS short and we should treat ourselves well.
everyone should taste a truffle bomb cake at some point!

thing that i feel kinda like i need to say is i really care
about my body. i really do.
now. i don't always act like it.
yesterday i had a nice 'foo-foo' coffee drink complete
with the whipped cream and dribble stuff, cause
is short. and i wanted to indulge.
i checked to make sure i wasn't doin' it for some out of
whack emotional need, that i really just wanted to have one
for the fun of it, and i had it with absolutely no guilt.
it felt good and i enjoyed it.

but i really don't want to do that a lot.
because i really do want to feel healthy.
and that stuff isn't good for the body.

how can i rub lotion on my feet and thank them
for all they do, think that i need to love all of
me like that and then treat it bad with what i put
in it???

i've been exercising in the morning, and i tell ya,
sometimes just stretching to touch my toes takes some work.
that always amazes me.
i used to be able to stretch without a second thought.
and takes a few thoughts to be sure!!

i WANT to feel healthy.
i WANT to feed my body good stuff.

it's not a chore to pass on the chocolate stuff if i know i'll
come back to it at some point.

in fact, it makes it all the more special to me.
the name itself, the idea of it, the joking and kidding....
and the eventual tasting it are all part of the play for me.

that IS part of celebrating life for me!

and part of trying to live healthy....which is also
my way of celebrating life!

my mom used to get on my case cause i would try to eat healthy.
and i used to feel apologetic about it.
how weird is that???

finally, it occurred to me that i don't find it a chore
like she did. so we were looking at it really differently.
i find it a real positive. and i LIKE it.

sometimes i think that part's missed.

and well....i think it's an important part.
so i wanted to put it out here....


W*R*O* said...

i think what ur talking about terri is the SENSUALITY of the whole experience...from the name to the whole delicous thought of experiencing it. i liked qdani's description of how that would look...

maybe sensuality is the thing here?? just guessing outloud...

*sigh* i miss used to be part of who i i don't know anymore...

damn if i don't feel a post coming on...

xo W*R*O*

Anonymous said...

There's a difference between being good to your self and indulging yourself. It's subtle, but it's important. We needn't deprive ourselves, but would it really be kind to our bodies----ourselves----to constantly bombard it with truffle bomb cake-type stuff? That's doing a disservice to ourselves.
I just heard a chef on NPR talk about how after a few bites, our taste buds don't absorb the full flavor. That explains why the first bite of stuff is always so magnificent and by the 4th bite of cake you start to feel sick.
Buy the truffle bomb cake, invite some people over and everyone have a bite of two. YUM!

Pamela Jones said...

Hey, Ter...I'm with you here. As one whose last bite of sugar was taken on June 1, 2008, I can love all the stuff about a truffle bomb EXCEPT eating it. It was only after I stopped exploding such things in my mouth that I discovered the sensual pleasure of a fresh, ripe carrot, just oozing sweetness or the nutty goodness of whole-grain oat bread. Not all indulgence must explode; and the sweetness of my restored health far out-does any truffle bomb!