Thursday, March 3, 2011

the truffle bomb

so i went up to get a little cake for her birthday.
and that's when i saw it.....


they actually have a cake called the truffle bomb.

it's round with this hard chocolate coating all over it.
that's what caught my attention. with a darker chocolate
dribble on it.

i think i said that out loud as i spotted it.
went over to look at it.
saw the name and laughed with delight.

i turned to the woman runnin' the bakery.

'you have a cake called the truffle bomb!!!'
i exclaimed. just in case she missed that.

she gets that look.
that look of a chocolate lover.
her eyes squint a bit and she lowers her voice.
'have you ever TASTED one?' she asks solemnly.

noooooooo i say with a grin.
'what's it like??' i ask as i start to drool before
she even speaks.

she describes it to me.
we're both standing there in complete chocolate reverence.


i leave it there.

it's too big for my neighbor. she really shouldn't
be having all the sweets. health issues. so i bought
a smaller thing for her, looked at the t. bomb as i turned
and said 'i'll be of these days i'll be back.'

i grinned about that name all the way home.
i want to name cakes.
i want to name food.
i want to name my dinner tonite.
oh yes.
a funky great name for the dinner food.

life should be like that.
we should be naming all kindsa things all kindsa funky names.
it matters.

that cake looked pretty awesome all on its own.
but throw in that name..and there's no forgetting it!

there's something profound in that.
haven't figured out what yet.
but i do think i'm naming things great names today!!!


QnDani said...

well....I think you should go right back there and buy that cake just because #1. you can, #2 you want to and #3 you deserve it.

and then I think you should bring it home, put a couple candles on top of it and eat it with your fingers, licking the crumbs off your lips and the frosting off your finger tips as your eyes roll back in ecstasy and an escapable "Yum" rolls off your tongue.

That's what I think because life is too short to ever put off an opportunity for something so profound as chocolate bomb cake.

Really. It is.

Merry ME said...

Hey Dani,
I would totally have agreed with you except I ready Ter's next post first. About how she likes to eat healthy and take care of her body. So how can I now, in good conscience, suggest she go pig out on chocolate til she ends up in sugar coma?

I do see her point, though I see the queen's point too. Alas, I would succumb to the Truffle Bomb cake and writhe in guilt afterwards, missing the whole point I guess!

So what does Po say? Even better, let's see Po write a poem about Truffle Bomb cake.

Feeling way hungry right about now!

Tracey Catarozoli a.k.a Sally Sunshine said...

What I want to know is when can you start creating fun names for Sally's and then I will design a dessert AROUND that?!! C'mon! This will be a hoot! PUH-LEASE!!

And I'm with march your ass back to that bakery, buy that dessert and go to your friend's house and enjoy the indulgence of your scrumptious friendship together!! :o)

Gothknits said...

I've had the truffle bomb and there aren't words to describe it. It does become a perpetual craving though, so beware.