Thursday, March 3, 2011

what is it we offer?

this has been on my mind a bit lately.
it comes and goes thru out my life depending on
how much i watch it around me.

it's back again.

lately, i've been watching how people forget they have to
give something to the situation they're involved in.

it's a complete taking for granted thing that they
just don't see at all.

i've seen people visit with other people and just not
offer anything positive to the visit.

i've seen people sit down to talk to someone, pick up
the phone to call someone, and even write letters where
there's just no thinking 'what is it i can offer to
this situation.'

i've seen people arrive at parties expecting to be
entertained, not thinking about what it is they can offer
the event.

and i'm kinda stunned.
oh yeah, we all have our selfish moments. i get that.
but this is a state of mind some people seem to land in.

how do we get to a place where we forget that whatever
situation we're in, we have a part in it???

i think of old people. that's an age group that can be
really guilty of it. obviously not all of them. but
you can see it happening there a lot.
i guess cause their world shrinks.
but does it have to?
and isn't that one of the ways that shrinks it????

so i don't know....not sure what causes it.

i think things like constant pain and not feeling
well could cause it. which would explain the old people.
but you know, how many examples of people who are hurting
and still want to reach out have you seen?
i've seen a ton.

so then is it entitlement? arrogance? selfishness?

i have no idea.
i just know it's soooooooooo limiting.
for everyone involved.

what is it we're offering???
i think we should all be asking ourselves that with
all our interactions.

i can just see me grabbing the next person i see doing this
by their collar and hollerin' WHAT IS IT YOU'RE OFFERING HERE?!!'

oh yeah.
i like that visual.....
oh yeah.

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Sherry said...

I like that Terri, like a Mantric reminder..."what am I offering, what am I offering" cool beans. thanks!