Wednesday, March 2, 2011

these good ol' feet.....

it started out just cause my skin was dry.
i started putting lotion on my feet after i exercised
in the mornings. then somewhere along the line, i changed
it to putting the lotion on after i exercised and walked.
it was easier to take my time then.

i come back from the walk and sit for a few minutes
putting lotion on my feet.

and somewhere along the line, that very practical act
has turned into something much more.

i massage my feet and appreciate their carrying me around
and moving me so easily. i appreciate them being part of me.
and to actually stop and do this has been wonderful.

i've thought of all the places they've carried me.
i have always liked to walk. have walked and thought as
far back as i can remember.

i remember passing on bus rides home from school when i had thinking to do.
it was a decent walk home from my high school, and there were
some days i just needed to sort. and so i'd walk.

i remember walking with some pretty heavy thoughts on my mind.
trying to figure out what it was i wanted to do or be in a
certain situation.

as i spread lotion on my feet and remember these walks, i smile.
in some ways i haven't changed at all.

so many miles.
the walk-a-thons i did for years and years cause it was just so
cool to walk so darn far.

the hours and hours walking i did on one of my first ever dates.
the just walking and walking and talking and talking.

the walks i did with my kids to go find frogs and rocks and

the walks i did with my husband to try to work things out.

the walks i did alone trying to figure out where i wanted to
go when i found myself on my own again.

the walks i did when my dad died, when anyone i loved died.

every part of my life has included walks.

and here's these feet just keepin' on.
and here's this moment in my mornings when i can stop and
appreciate that.

now that it's become an easy thing for me to do that feels
significant....i'm thinking there's more of me that needs
this kinda appreciation.

so much of me i have shunned.
now that i enter my 50th year seems like it's definitely
time to change that....

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Merry ME said...

What a wonderful thing thing to appreciate. Feet are pretty awesome aren't they. Here's to feet!