Friday, April 8, 2011

the choice card

because i'm a bit of a flaky soul, more than one friend has
gifted me with those packs of cards where you pull a card out of the
deck and it gives you a thought for the day or they're tarot spin offs,
or that kinda thing. i actually have a few decks here.

and interestingly enough,the one that i would think i would gravitate
towards least, is the one i actually use. because EVERY TIME i've pulled
a card, it's given me something dead on relevant to think about.

and today i pulled the 'choice card.'

this deck uses flowers to make its point.

'the guidance coming to you from this flower is to fully appreciate your
choices as extensions of your spirituality.'

(okay, like i 'knew' it's no surprise.......but isn't that
beautifully worded?? like um....WHAT A GREAT POINT!)

'when making a choice, it isn't just which option you choose, it is the
quality, intention and commitment from which you choose that course of
action that tells you whether or not your spirit is engage in the decision.'

i just plain ol' loved that.
thought it was a gorgeous reminder.
thought i'd share.....

the deck is 'angelic messenger cards' by meredith young-sowers


stephey said...

love that! Choice is about intention and what better way to make a choice than when centered in spirit. mama. sometimes i wonder why i even get off center, and i remember, oh, i'm in human form and that's what the gig entails, in and out of center practice. Love that deck too, i have an old one, not very pretty visually but content, mama, rich, vibrant and beautiful, like a flower!

Pamela Jones said...

It's always good to play with a full deck...but what does it mean when you have SEVERAL full decks?