Thursday, April 7, 2011

out with the hyper in with the gentle...

i have been a hyper maniac for a few weeks now.
'wired!' was my answer to how i was doin'.
we were cleaning yesterday and zakk pointed out
how dumpy one of my book shelves was.

before i knew it, we had cleaned thru all the books,
moved the shelf out and rearranged the furniture.
then i went back to work. it's just been like that
for a bit now. i've wondered how long it can last.
for getting things done, it's an awesome thing.

this morning as i walked, i was filled with how soft
the morning seemed.

everything seemed soft.
the clouds were a buncha soft puffs. a whole bunch of 'em.

the trees and their blossoms....ohmygosh, just so gentle.

soft and gentle.

as i noticed it more and more, i could feel myself sinking
into it.

gentle just hasn't been part of my world lately.
gentle isn't part of hyper.
and i've missed it.
a lot.

i could feel the hyper leaving.

there it goes, i thought.
i wondered when it would happen.

i regretted it a little bit as today was the day i was
gonna do a big clean up with my studio....
this spring cleaning stuff really calls for energy.

and's too late.
the gentle's sunk right on in.

and it's the oddest thing, but i so need it.

i didn't know i was a gentle person.
i really didn't.
until bob came along and looked at me like i had three heads
when he realized i didn't know.
since then, i've watched.
and yeah, i'm real gentle.
and living with all the testosterone that i do,
well......i forget how much i need it.

i think the hyper's been my way of getting a grip on my life.
diggin' in and making life work.
and now the gentle time reminds me that it does work.
yeah, i gotta do my part.
but sometimes my part is just watching.

the gentle's reminding me of that.


Prairie Star said...

Terri, this was just lovely and a perfect little something to tuck into my heart's pocket as I start my day.

I'm smiling because while I haven't "known" you long, one of the very *first* things I picked up on is how gentle you are!

Merry ME said...

As I read, I pictured you as a gentle giant. Kind of strange because you are anything but a giant in stature. But your strength, and zeal, and love and desire for things to be clean and neat, not all askew with hints of unrest is gigantic.

Yeh, I think Bob is right. You're gentle. But you're so much more along with it!

Loving all of you, M