Monday, April 25, 2011

it's about time...

i cannot believe it's taken me this long in my life to pick up jung's autobiography,
'memories, dreams and reflections.'

noah's been reading it and telling me stories from it, and so i finally picked it up.

i've only read the prologue and already i'm tickled.

he's talkin' about the inner stuff being the stuff that's worth talkin' about.
not the outer events. and so that's what he'll be writing about...
his inner workings! (well, duh! it IS jung, after all!!)

so, seriously, i've read three pages. that's it.
and some of the sentences were so delicious i read them out loud to hear them.

here's the very first sentence -

'My life is a story of the self-realization of the unconscious."

ohhhhhhhhh..........this is gonna be my kinda book.

he says that what we are can only be expressed by way of 'myth.'

that has me intrigued.......

"whether or not the stories are 'true' is not the problem.
the only question is whether what i tell is my fable, my truth."

that right there got me thinking.

i remember when i REALLY understood that no two people see anything the
same way. it was one of those pivotal moments in my life.
my sister-in-law and i both had witnessed the same event.
and i heard her relay it back to our family a few hours later.
and it was COMPLETELY different than what i saw.
that moment, right there, in my mother's kitchen, hit a switch of
understanding for me. people don't see anything the same.
we all see things differently. we all have a different view,
a different angle.
that was years ago, but i've never forgotten that.

so when i recount what happened to me in some situation, how will
it be 'true'???

and then i read that from jung, and i think - it's true for me.
and that's valid right there.

i thought that was cool. and worth passing along..........

oh yes.
i would have loved to have sat and talked and talked and talked
with mister jung.....maybe this book will be like that for me.

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