Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter begins...

a few hours away on some gig travelin', with some car problems happenin',
josh called over and asked to speak to bob.

bob leaned against the kitchen sink listening and talking it over.
he didn't sound worried,
i relaxed and just watched.

offering a real easy, calm, 'we got you covered and will come get you
if something happens' and then some good laughter and joking about their
cars (bob just got one we make fun of), i sat there and soaked it in.

i looked at his face and heard his voice as he was offering.
josh was two hours down the road. we wouldn't know if he needed help
til around 11:00, and there was no hesitation, no thought of inconvenience.
just the assurance we'd be there no matter what.

easy, natural, and there.

it's moments like that i think we have the most amazing team ever.

going back to work on some house plans we were trying to figure out,
i made things crazier than ever by saying 'what if you moved this here?
and switched this? and what if these rooms did the opposite here???'

his face had that scrunched up overwhelmed slow down you're makin' me crazy look.

i looked at the clock.

'noah's due home in a few minutes, let's see if he can move it around for us in photo shop.'

'too hard, he won't be able to' bob said.

'well, let's just ask.'

in just a bit, noah was sitting beside bob on the couch moving things with ease
on his laptop.

easy, natural and there.

again, i noticed it.

i noticed the easy, natural and there.
it's something that i don't think i ever experienced anywhere else.
and it just seeps thru everywhere in this group.

i sat across from them and watched.
and again, i thought of what a team it is.

zakk sat with me. we goofed on our own laptap, watched a few goofy things,
and sat and talked. i love havin' moments with that guy.

it was a great nite to get me in the holiday mood.
(and no, we never did have to go get josh!)

it's easter today. a holiday.
holidays for me now have turned into really relaxing days.
days i get to just goof with my family and hang out.

we all cook dinner together and there's no work involved.
it ends up being a day of gratitude for my family.

when i woke up this morning, i thought of the 'easy, natural and there'
i had witnessed yesterday. how we just are there for each other.
as i was layin' there thinking, noah walked in to say good morning.
we jabbered a bit. there's nothing like just hangin' out jabbering. not
even gettin' up yet.
talked about the goofing today.....

he went off to shower......
and i got up feelin' like the luckiest person alive.

and so begins easter........

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Merry ME said...

I just love the stories you tell about your family get togethers. There is much love in your group. Indeed you have much to be grateful for. And proud of. Don't think for a minute it all just happened that way. Your hard work, grace and love shows in every relationship you describe. You Rock!