Saturday, April 16, 2011

my women friends rock!

she called to tell me about the healing stuff goin' on in her life.
my eyes filled with tears listening to her.
she was crediting god/the universe/whatever and i was crediting her.

i agreed with the higher power stuff, 'but i'm thinking you did this one.'
i told her. and i wanted her to see that. cause i sure did.

all her hard work.
she's not done by any means.
but she just got some big time rewards and i know that will help
a ton in the journey.

i hung up the phone so proud of her. so impressed with her strength.

a few hours later i found myself sitting on some steps outside in
the wind taking pictures of one of my best friends.

she was performing an outside concert.
the wind was whipping around and it was chilly,
but it didn't stop her one little bit.

she belted out her music with such soul and grace.

my soul just gets giddy watching her.
i get so proud.
i can't believe she's my friend.
i can't believe i get to know her heart and then sit
there and hear her music.

she did an inner child song for me at the end.
'this is for my friend, terri....'
and my whole insides leaped.
little terri was inside me clapping and hopping up and down.

i NEVER sing along with anyone.
and there i sat, singing (quietly) right along
and feelin' my inner child just so happy and thrilled.

i was squeezed inbetween my guy and his son, snugglin'
close to both of them tryin' to keep warm.

i smiled.

she has to be good to keep their attention.
and she had both of them in the palm of her hand.

i was so so proud of her.

when i went to bed last nite, i thought of the women around me.
they not only make me proud of them, they make me proud to be
a woman.

they really really do.

toasting women everywhere today!
and rejoicing in my friends' accomplishments and strengths!

you can check out lynn here!


Kristen said...

Thanks Ter~ You are simply the BEST! : )

La de Ojos Azules / Brigitte said...

Wow Terri, how beautiful, how true and how timely ;) I spent the day Saturday with one of my closest women friends (the one I bought all those cards from you for!) and I was telling her exactly this. She lives in a house full of men and I was telling her how important it is that she get some 'woman time' regularly. I said that it's from the women in our lives that we get a sense of who we are and what we're capable of. There are so many wonderful women in my life that I feel truly blessed :) I agree with you Terri, my women friends rock!!