Tuesday, April 19, 2011

no thanks....

my whole past life was filled with passive aggressive stuff.
i was steeped in it.

so when i met my guy who honestly had no clue what passive
aggressive was, my head would spin.

he'd say something and i'd wonder what he meant.
and he'd look at me confused sayin' he meant what he said.

ahhhh i hadn't thought of that!

how delightful!

you mean when you're upset you'll just flat out tell me?
and when you want something you'll just flat out ask???
what a concept.

well, we've been together long enough now and i've distanced
myself from all that passive aggressive stuff long enough now
that i just can't deal with that stuff anymore.

i used to be a pro at it.
i used to swim in it.

now i can't even get my toes in it.
and don't want to go anywhere near the water.

yesterday happened to be a day when the water wanted to be near
me. it came up close to me several times.
and each time i backed right away and felt cranky about it.

and the crankiness kinda fueled me for today.

i thought of all the energy that's wasted on that stuff.
if you want something, ask.
if you want to say something, say it.
don't go diggin' at me with these jabs.

and i took it further with myself this morning.
i started to feel mopey about some stuff.

you want to live, ter?
then live!

you resent this stuff?
then put it down and go elsewhere!

you want to go enjoy your day?
then go enjoy it!

and it led me right into the 'it's up to me' stuff.
don't go wasting your time on stuff that gets you nowhere and feeds
the negative.

grab the energy that empowers you and feed that and feed off of that.

you want something...make it happen, ter.

i looked at the passive aggressive stuff i had bumped into.
i looked at the people who use it as a way of life.....


no thanks.

now how about the mopey stuff???

same deal.

no thanks.

there's only so much time.
gonna go grab it today........


Creatissimo said...

This is a very interesting post. I'm glad you don't have to be in 'passive aggressive' state anymore :). Isn't it great when you find a person that you can just be, without all the acting and other 'junk' that we put onto us in our communication World?!
Thanks for stopping by at my blog and your nice comment :)Happy!

☼Illuminary☼ said...

passive aggressive came for a visit.
it was a bumpy ride thru murky waters.
it took me days to get over after they left.
but it's art that heals,
and it's knowing I don't have to swim there if I don't want to..