Tuesday, April 26, 2011

weaving the building blocks...

this seems too basic to be a new thought...
but it sure feels like one.

i had two separate kinda images workin' together this morning.
building blocks and weaving.

how to start???

yesterday was a tough day.
several things that needed tweaking inside me and in my life were being tweaked.
and i find tweaking hard.
at the same time i knew today would be easier because of the tweaking that i was doing.

and sure enough, this morning, right away, i got a note that
seemed to be taking yesterday's stuff and putting it to work for me today.
and it felt good right away.

i got on the treadmill thinking about it.
how all this work that i do is like stacking building blocks and it's
building something wonderful.

and how the different tweaking things from yesterday wove together.
there was weaving in the building.
weaving building blocks.

i thought of when the guys were small. and all the work i put into
raising them.

it's funny, no matter what kinda parent you are, you get criticized, i think.
i look back and see i was a good mom, and still i got an ear full from lots of different people. maybe it's because of that kinda input you get all thru life, that what you're doing gets
even muddier in your mind. the self doubt can cloud things.

i knew 'intellectually' that i was building a future for both my sons
and me by parenting the best i could. but i didn't really 'get' that.
it was just something in the back of my head.

now, enjoying what i do with my sons, i totally get it.
i'm living it.
all that work was definitely building blocks.

all the work bob and i put into our relationship.....yep, absolutely
building blocks. and we can see the payoffs as we go along. we've
both commented on it.

and all the places i don't put the work in......
or the places i put the work in the wrong area......
i look back at my marriage....we built the good stuff and we built the downfall.

you can build the not so good too.

so there i am on the treadmill thinking of how every day is a building block.
and i liked the image.
i liked it because it took things day by day.
this day might be hard, but that's okay, cause it may very well make tomorrow
so much easier.

it just kinda gave me something to visualize when things were overwhelming.
it broke things up to manageable pieces. and it also gives me a hunk of something
to focus on. it doesn't have to be my whole darn life. it can be this one
building block here.

and then of course......you can go all over the place with the visual.

what colors are you going to paint the blocks?
and what do you do to add the color???
and what kinda shape are you gonna put it all in???

and what winds will come and blow them around and move them and then
where do you go from there???

i'm likin' it....

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