Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the wedding ring project...

i kept quiet yesterday to give a little room for stephey's blog hop (see below)
so today i'll prolly be bursting with millions of posts to make up for it!!

we featured patty on our site this month.
if you haven't been by, she's a woman with a story you want to get to know.
i honestly was floored by her beauty when i met her. a stunning woman doing some
amazing work.

when i did have the pleasure of meeting her, i spent some time having lunch with her
and noah. i tell ya, it was so great having noah there. and turned priceless.
as we were talking about where patty was going and what she had done, she told us of
the story of her selling her old wedding ring to make funds for a house for a woman
amed lady fair who herself had been raped multiple times and had taken in a bunch of
kids who had been raped and was raising them in a shack with no running water...and i mean,
a shack. (there should be the story of lady fair on the site of patty's, be sure to check that out. it's incredible.)

anyway, as we talked, noah brought up the idea that people who had been divorced could send in their old wedding rings.
i remember just this zinging electricity in the air. patty and i both opened our eyes
and mouths wide. and that's how 'the wedding ring project' first was born.
the excitement at the table was thru the roof.

i've had to keep quiet about it all this time while she got it together and launched it.
and i tell ya, i've been chompin' at the bit to talk about it.

is that brilliant or what?!
and it's not just wedding rings.....any jewelry of some value can be used.
you send it to patty, and she's got some great arrangement that she explains
on the site. she turns it into as much money as she can.
the goal is to build a safe house(s) for women and children who've been raped.
a place for them to go to transition.

can you imagine doing something so valuable with jewelery you don't know what
to do with?? AND! how about an old wedding ring that has some not so great
feelings connected with it??? what a beautiful healing thing to do with it!

couldn't wait to share.......
what a lunch! what a woman! what a son! what an idea! what a great great
thing all around!

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Merry ME said...

I thought it was a beautiful idea when I read about it on your site. What big hearts you all have.