Tuesday, May 24, 2011

all because of a sentence.....

it was just an offhanded sentence.
one that coulda been skipped over easily.
but it landed in my face.

'huh.' i said.

'what's the huh?' he asked.

and i pointed out how profound his sentence was.
and how i had been operating from a sea of discouragement.

not everywhere in my life, mind you.
but in an important area.
heck, they're all important.
operating from a sea of discouragement in ANY area isn't good.

and i thought of 'the secret' stuff.
i'm figurin' everyone knows of that stuff by now....
from that movie 'the secret' -
'your thoughts become things' kinda theory.

this is what they're talkin' about.
operate from a sea of discouragement, get a sea of discouragement back.
this is exactly what they're talkin' about.


oh man.

more work.


but this.......this is the kinda stuff you GOT to do.
this is the kinda work that turns hard stuff into golden stuff.

discouragement is gonna happen.
i look at me with bone sighs.
i look at me with anything that i believe in.

just cause i believe in it doesn't mean i don't get discouraged.

and that's okay.

i can't stop that.
it's gonna happen.

and i think it's important i show myself some compassion for that.
there's reasons that i land there.
and those reasons usually call for compassion.

so, okay.
i did that.
i've landed there.
landed smack in the sea of discouragement.
and i've shown myself some compassion.

thing is......
here's the difference between the men and the boys, girl.

you don't stay there.
you have to sit with yourself and figure out what you really really really
believe and what you really really want.

and then you have to KNOW....just KNOW you're making it happen.

bone sighs is such a good example of this for me.
how many times have i landed in the hard stuff and just got stuck??
and then the only way i get out is to KNOW that what i'm doing is right
and what i need to be doing and i just have to keep on going.

it's that knowing part.

it's the knowing part that gets you to stand up again even when
you think you just can't.

it's the knowing when you can't see.
that's the part that matters so much.

knowing when you can't see.

have you got that?
and just forgotten?
then remember it.
recall it.
remind yourself about it.
if you've got that, then get the heck up, girl.....

and as you're getting up, give thanks to the universe that you've got the
knowing.......cause that means you've got something pretty darn awesome
in your life. even if it is a complete discouragement at the moment!

drop the discouragement, and hold the awesomeness.......

and keep on moving forward.....


AlmightyHeidi said...

Easier said than done sometimes I think..but so true.

Lea said...

This is exactly what I needed to hear/read today. Thank you, once again, for letting me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your work is a blessing.

☼Illuminary☼ said...

I see you holding it
sharing it
giving it
being it
knowing it