Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a little piece of heaven

all my life when something really hit me as wonderful,
i would think 'i know this is gonna be part of heaven.'
i've always loved going barefoot. loved it. and as a teenager
i remember being sure that the glory of bare feet would be in heaven.
i would think of that a lot as i felt the world under my skin.

somehow it was my way of marking the really really good stuff.

my concept of heaven has changed a whole lot.....
but still, i have those thoughts when i experience the really really good stuff.

and so yesterday, as i watched them sitting together on my couch,
the heaven thought popped into my mind.

girlfriends and the love between them.
that's got to be part of heaven.

there is nothing else like it.
and i totally revel in watching it.

she was leaned back, settled in, looking over at her friend,
listening to her talk. her face held such warmth and love.
i noticed the way her head was turned and how even in the way
she held her head, i could feel the attention and caring she had
for her friend.

and then, when it was her turn to talk, i saw the same returned.

one reached over at one point and held the other's hand. she patted
her friend's hand and looked at her friend as she told me about how
much she loved her.

guys can't do this.
just try to picture it for one minute and it makes you laugh.
uh uh. just doesn't work.

and what a shame.
because it's one of the most incredible things ever.

they included me in their hearts with ease and warmth.
and the sharing that happened is also what heaven must be made of.

and what's funny about that thought is that the sharing was about hard stuff.
really hard stuff.

how could that be any relation to heaven in my mind??

the trust, the love, the caring, the support, the encouragement,
the compassion......THAT'S the stuff that was floating all over the
room. being poured all over the hard stuff.

that's the stuff that keeps you going.

at one point, setting a dish down on the kitchen table, i stopped,
and seriously looked at them. 'how on earth do any relationships work?'
i asked them. this male/female stuff has me bewildered.

and i think when they do work, part of what saves them and keeps them going
is the behind the scenes interactions of women friends. the laughing and
joking, the crying and venting.....all of it.

i know, that for my own self, i can return to my relationship stronger,
refreshed, and more open, just because i had this time with women friends.

i can return to my whole life stronger, refreshed and more open.

i speak of girlfriends often here.
i think maybe because i really really do think they're a little piece of heaven.
and i'm so grateful to experience that piece.

yesterday i felt like i got a double dose.
i got to witness something sacred between two friends,
and i got to be included in it and embraced by it.

who knew it was so cool to be one?
i know now.
and am so grateful........


kristen said...

Thanks Ter~ You constantly amaze me and you are so observant. We had the best day with you! Happy Birthday my friend!

Sherry said...

yeah....we rock... :)