Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a heartfelt thank you to art...

ms. stephey is becoming the queen of blog hops!
and she's inviting any one of you who want to join in to join in!
if you don't keep an eye on this woman, you're gonna want to.
she's a great inspiration!
you can check her out here...

she asked us if we wanted to write a thank you letter to art.
and i tell ya, mine just poured outta me.....

so here goes.....my thank you to art......

dear art....

you have no idea what you've done for me.

you gave me life.
you gave me sanity.
you gave me belief in myself.
you gave me women.

you gave me women.
that's weird huh?
thru you, i found a connection to women that i've never known before.

that's no small thing.
this women connection is vital.
i don't think you can be my age and surivive without it.

it's like you give me life over again and again and again.
in so many different ways.
in so many different forms.

recently, when i didn't know how to hang on,i felt like i'd lose myself
in the storm inside me,
i grabbed the paint and i lost myself in you.
and i found my center.

one of the things i painted was a fire.
and on it i painted the words 'will it burn you brighter?'
it was the fire of life.
and i wondered if it would consume me or burn me brighter?

because of you, i can balance again.
i can find my way.
i can be burned brighter.

because of you, i can touch things inside of me that i don't even know are there.

the other day i listened to words i had written.
i read them to myself on a recording.
i did that out of desperation.
i needed to hang on.
so i hung on to words i wrote.
and i saw things about myself i couldn't see any other way.

and i think because of that, the earth moved for me that day.
something i had been trying to get for ten years became clear.
and i held the holiness of who i was.

you give me mirrors.
you give me strength.
you give me insights into my very soul.

you give me holy.

taking photos,
channeling words,
sculpting a day with laughter and thoughts....

you are everywhere around me.
and i couldn't live without you.

thank you art, for all that you do and all that you are
and for all that you allow me to find in myself.


stephey : Creative Living Marked By The Muse™ said...

terri! the entire time i was reading your delicious post there was a smile on my face, that ear to ear kind, and a little voice inside saying oh yeah!

thank you for your willingness to share, yet again, it humbles me and seriously swells me with a gratitude that heals. Art Heals like that.

"it was the fire of life.
and i wondered if it would consume me or burn me brighter?"

mama! often times i swear i'm being burned, consumed in agonizing flames of transformation - that never burn our but flux and surge. reading your words made me wonder - from the outside do those flames burn bright? i dunno know cuz i'm distracted by the act itself.
xox stephey
p.s. my thank you is here some parts feel like the same fire might be engulfing more than one artist...

Pepe said...

What beautiful words. I am stuck in an all work no art mode currently and your words are a tonic. Thanks for a adding a little inspiration to thd day! :)

Bonita Rose said...

such beautiful words!

Alexis Yael said...

Yes, yes, yes!

The connection to other artists, other women is something I haven't touched on yet in my posts in this (what is turning out to be for me) series, but I think that's the gift of blogging (specifically) for me.

Love your words, love your heart/ soul and your burning. Love this!

Jen said...

All these thank yous are so beautiful and inspiring. Just like you, I'm so grateful for the connection to others that I've found through art, whether it be blogging and blog hops, art classes, or just creative get togethers with friends. Art is definitely a powerful connector.

Anonymous said...

Extraordinary post. In fact I was so awestruck, I found myself tongue tied when trying to compose my own THANK YOU TO ART. While I 'feel utter gratitude' and I am hardly ever at a loss for words, expressing it for something so inseparable from the core of my soul left me speechless.

Brandi said...

Beautiful! I spent the post nodding along - yep, I feel this way, too! Isn't that such a great thing, being able to connect with others through art? I love it.

This Moment said...

Wow--the above ladies are so right about your post. It is very powerful and I resonate with it myself. Some of your statements that I connected with: "gave me life; belief in myself; gave me women" Great--this is the first time myself that I have a connection to other women who create artwork as well.