Saturday, May 21, 2011


okay, i'm gonna have to look up roses.
see what they symbolize.
cause all of a sudden, i'm noticing them.

and today, i found myself with a little extra time.
i decided to walk down to the grocery store and just
enjoy the day and get a goodie.....

wandering home, i passed a house i pass every morning
on my walks. and there, bam, in front of my face
was the most beautiful rose bush.

i have never seen so many roses on one bush before.
i stopped and just looked at them.

apparently i've been missing these in the morning.

just a tad further down their yard (near the street,
so i could still look without being intrusive) was
another rose bush....not as many roses by far, but
close enough i could lean up and smell them.

and i did.

and right there....that one whiff......
it was like the world stopped.

it was like every drop of goodness, every taste of heaven,
everything right was in that one whiff.

for one instant there was nothing but good.

i thought of a friend who was struggling who i had no
way of helping.

if i could just give her one gigantic whiff of this rose
for her to carry around with her right now....

nah, i guess that doesn't work, does it?

forget the problem with packaging....
it's that first moment. that first moment of the whiff.

you can't hang on to the first moment.
of anything......

and that's what's so precious about them.

and that's what's so hard about living sometimes....

maybe the trick is knowing all the moments count as much
as that first glorious one...
even the hard ones......


Merry ME said...

all the moments count.
so true. so true.

Brigitte / La de Ojos Azules said...

So you think something's telling you to "stop and smell the roses?" I think the message is pretty clear ;) What you got out of it was far more than a simple pause, though. But maybe that's what it's all about, pausing to see/realize things you normally wouldn't. Isn't life amazing when you stop to take it all in?