Tuesday, May 3, 2011


i got news tonite that my friend and her family have made the decision to
'unplug' her husband soon.

tonite or early in the morning.

i went up to my kitchen and started cooking.

thankfully, i was all alone.
i could just quietly hold the news.

i peeled vegetables and watched my hands holding the knife,
pulling it downwards, taking the skins off.

i quietly watched.
and i thought about my hands.
how there they were working just like i wanted them to.

i thought of my friend.
of her husband.
of her son.

brevity of life.
preciousness of life.

bob had stopped in earlier just to kinda hang for a bit and cheer me up.
i touched his cheek at one point thinking of how much i treasure him.

peeling the veggies i thought of how precious the ones in my life were.

quietly, i cooked.

bob had pointed out that it's the best way to go...painlessly, easily.

yeah, i guess.

i remember him pointing that out when my dad died.

i got mad at him.

didn't want to hear it.

didn't feel painless or easy to me.

but yeah, i know he has a point.

and i also know this won't be painless or easy for this family.

i thought of how we'd have to have them down for dinner.
how i'll check in on her and have girls nite out with her and hang out
and help her thru.

i thought of her going home without him there.


constantly changing.

we only have so much time.

what do we do with it?

i'll be quiet tomorrow.
spending some time just sitting with his passing.
honoring him quietly in my own way over here.

and holding my friend's heart in mine.

what we have is a gift.
may we all live with that in mind......

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Susan said...

quietly sitting with you awhile...