Monday, June 20, 2011

all cute and tickled

walkin' by her house on my way home, she popped outta her door.

she hasn't popped outta her door in the morning in awhile.
mornings have gotten rough for her.

and there she was, all bright and perky,
hollerin' over and teasin' me about walkin' in the rain.

i waved and hollered back, and then asked about her hair.

and, of course, i had to go check it out.

'how's it look this morning?' i asked as i wandered up.

and there she was.....her face all lit up and happy and cute.

yeah....she really was.

i was amazed.
it meant soooooo much to her.

my gosh, i shoulda done this ages ago, i thought.
then i brushed the thought away.
it's perfect just the way it happened. just perfect.

'now don't be a stranger.' she hollered after me as i turned
towards home.

was it the hair or the visit she had loved?

yeah, it was both.
we'll definitely have to have hair trimming dates now.
funny how it takes so little to brighten someone's day...
i really really need to remember that......

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