Sunday, June 19, 2011

i really can't cut hair...

she had joked that she wanted me to cut her hair before.
and i always joked back that she REALLY didn't want me to.

then it got to the point where i just told her it was a really
bad idea, that i didn't know how and she'd hate me and i just
didn't want to.

but she's elderly.
and i know that now it's really a big deal for her to get out and
get it cut. she can't tilt her head back for the washing and well,
i know it's a big deal.

so a few days ago i said i could if she really really wanted me to.
but still insisted it was a bad idea. i don't know how. and it's
just a bad idea.

and there, today, out on her carport, i cut her hair.

i was really nervous.
just to even brush it.
i didn't want to sang it and pull it and hurt her.

so even just brushing it scared me.

and then, as i ran the brush thru her hair, i thought of how good
that must feel to her.

how nice it must feel to have someone playing with your hair.
so i brushed it more than i had to.

and i realized this was a very good idea.
even if i totally messed it up.

i clipped here and leaned over here and looked close and
clipped a little more here. she had a mirror at some point
and was directing me.
she laughed and said together we made a good team.

i smiled.

when i finished, she was thrilled.
just thrilled.
and we sat outside and talked for a good long time.

and i told her that it felt really girlfriendish and it was
great fun that we had done it and now i would be her regular
hair dresser if she wanted.

she wanted.

i smiled as i walked home.
i can't cut hair.
but it didn't matter one bit.

i can love her.
and that's what that car port was filled with.

sometimes i'm so thick headed.
i forget that's all i really really need to do.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift for both of you. She had the luxury of having someone pay her lots of attention and to touch her. Single elderly folk who live alone are starved for human touch. The gift to yourself was the insight that it didn't matter how stylish she looked. You care. A perfect gift!

Denise P-E

Merry ME said...

This goes to the top of my "Favorite Terri Story" list. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I agree with Merry Me! I'm weeping tons here...perhaps because I can go so long without feeling human touch. It is the thing I most long for and why I love it when my Grands come to visit. I soak it up then for sure!

For me hair is sacred, our covering and I give some back to Mother Earth when mine is cut.

I love it when I can go to the Beautician and have someone give me a wash and cut...there is nothing more relaxing in the world, is there? I bet your elderly girlfriend felt a load being lifted away from her as you brushed and brushed. How compassionate and kind of you Sweet Star Woman! :)