Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day

ah! it's here!
father's day.
and yeah, i've been a bit wobbly about it coming,
but i'm not so wobbly today.
just a little bit.

i decided a couple of things....

one......i wanted to concentrate on the really great dads
i know. and i know quite a few!
i wanted to think about some of the things i loved about them.

there's the one who just lives for his family, and truly that's
where his happiness comes from. it's so fun to watch the light in
his eyes when he talks of them.

there's the one who fights so hard for his kids tryin' to fix
stuff that's been messed up. hangin' on no matter what.

there's the one who is so in love with his son that he doesn't
really know there's a world around when his son's in the room.

there's the one who has all daughters which totally makes me laugh
and wonder how he handles all the estrogen. and yet, i know he
loves it so!

and now there's so many of my buds becoming grand-dads!

just thinking of all that makes me smile.

i thought of the power parents hold. how important dads are.
so many have no idea.

and i thought of my own dad.

and i thought i'd do him a favor this father's day.

thought i'd release him of that power.
even if it's only for awhile. it may creep back in.

but i think there comes a time we have to do that.
release them of that power.
for both their sake and ours.

let them be human. let them be real and flawed and okay.

and carry our own power for our own selves.

so today, i'm gonna concentrate on all that,
and when i think of my dad i'll miss him....
but i'm gonna work on equal play in my mind in
holdin' the good memories and releasing us both.

he did the best he could.
i did the best i could.

and i'll toast that today....

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