Saturday, June 25, 2011


a really cool thing happened yesterday....

i got to witness my friend who's really really sick
'meet' another friend of mine who's an artist.
and not just any artist..
an incredible one filled with talent and light.

i knew my friend who was down would love my artist friend's work.

and sure enough! turns out it was just what she needed!

but beyond that.....i got to watch the loveliness of both women
as they connected. each offering something of themselves to the
other. each shining their lights...

it was so cool to get to see from the sidelines.

i think that's one of my favorite things ever....
watchin' people i love find each other.

what's so cool is that we all have something to offer, ya know?
i love that part.
and then when we reach out and touch each other...
oh wow...there's just nothing like it.

i keep thinking about them this morning and smiling.
women are cool.
they just so are.

toasting these lovely women this morning!
and if you care to check out my artist buddy
you can right here!

1 comment:

Dana Marie said...

Beautiful story, Terri! <3

I hope you are having a beautiful Summer weekend! :)

Much Love,
~ Dana Marie