Sunday, June 26, 2011


there he was goofin' and jokin' and makin' us laugh.

we had stopped to help josh with his new studio.
maybe hang a thing or two and just help a bit.
there was problems finding the studs in the walls.
more joking, more laughing.

then a 'let's go get a stud finder on the way back
from lunch.' he suggests. 'i need a new stud finder,
mine doesn't work.'

josh says he has one at home that doesn't work good either.
i chime in too.....what the heck.....i have one too
that doesn't work good.

'okay then! we need a group one,' he announces.

turns out we go grab a bite to eat, and just head back
to the studio. runnin' outta time.

more goofin', more laughter and we head out.

he was in great form.
and i know he's helpin' me out.
i know this is on purpose.
i had a rough week, and he's helpin' me out with the laughing.

thing is.....

turns out he's got his own things goin' on that are weighing
heavy. heavy hard stuff. stuff he had told me about that morning.

ya know.........that part there has me really thinking.
EVERYONE'S got their stuff.
and we just can't get so caught up in ourselves that we forget that.
i was pretty distracted with my stuff.
when he told me his, i just stopped.

his was worse.

he told me earlier.
we talked a bit about it all.
but there's nothing helpful to say.
nothing i can really do.
'i can really let him know i love him' i thought.
that's about all i can do.
'i'll make sure i show him that today.'

i knew how hard it was for him,
and i knew it was heavy.

and there he was making us laugh.
for me.

later, i forget how, i find out he doesn't need a stud finder.
his works just fine.
'i was just gonna get josh one,' he says.
the group stud finder was his way of justifying buying it.

i shake my head and grin at him.
he really is the best.

so there we were, goofin' and laughin' all day.
both carryin' some heavy stuff, both tryin' to make it
easier for the other.

and in that caring, there was such love surrounding us.

we've come a long way in learning how to help each other.

and i think that can fade so easily.
we forget,
we get caught up in our own stuff.
not just with partners but with friends,
kids, family.......

it's something to really keep in mind.
and i know how lucky i am to have someone offer it so freely
to me.

it is in his offering, i'm reminded to offer it right back.

and it is in our offering it to others we'll remind others to do the same.

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