Tuesday, June 7, 2011


love is a goofy thing.

a misunderstood thing.

there's so many misconceptions about it.

it's such a slippery thing.

so many needs are wrapped up in it that take it and change it to something
else entirely that it slips away and gets lost.

it morphs into other things when we don't tend to it.

it gets declared as true and real when it's anything but true and real.

it's just a goofy thing.

but there are times, many times, when i can just feel it and know it's
there and it's real and it's healthy and it's good.

there's the obvious times.

and then there's the not so obvious times.
the 'who you are' moments.

moments when you're just talking. and the other person is saying
something. and who they are is so obvious. who they are is shouting
out loud and clear in what they are saying and you watch and you
remember who they are. who they REALLY are. and you remember why
you loved this person in the first place.

i've noticed this.
with my partner, and with my friends.

i've also noticed the opposite thing happen.
when someone's talking and who they are is being shouted out clear
and strong, and it's NOT such a good thing.

yeah, i've noticed that too.

which is a cool thing.
it gives you that gift of opposites.
helps you see what the other REALLY is.

it reminds me of what a gift it is to be stopped in your tracks
by what someone you love is saying. to be grabbed by their being
and to smile and say 'oh man, i so love who they are.'

that is a gift.
it's a gift of seeing,
a gift of gratitude,
and a gift of love.


Indie said...

"the gift of opposites"

that phrase is going to stay with me all day long.

Thanks for writing this. It will be with me in my thoughts all day.


Jymi said...

I love this! and I am learning to step back and see past painful remarks and actions. Those times when love seems forgotten and hidden away. Those times when you have to search within to see it. Love gifts... you are a gift to me.