Thursday, June 9, 2011

how fun!

one day a few years back,
in a desperate attempt to understand that guy of mine,
i pulled a book off the library shelf.

it was called 'personality types' (listed in the widget
on the side if you get so inclined....)

i opened it right up to a description of myself.
not my guy.
it just happened to be all about me.
i had just flipped it open and started reading.
it caught me and i brought it home.

since then, i've bought so many copies of that book.
it nailed me, noah, josh, and bob's sons.
bob and zakk seemed to be too slippery to nail.
but the rest of us got nailed and we were fascinated.

bob actually grabbed the book and started reading the stuff
that described me. this tickled josh to no end. he
laughed and said it was like bob finally found the
'manual to mom.' it really was like that.

looked like he was as desperate to understand me as
i was to understand him!

i highly recommend the book.

the only problem with it was it kinda left you hanging.
you could find yourself and learn some stuff....but i
wanted more. more suggestions on things to help me grow.

well, i just got another book from the same authors and
they definitely have taken it the next step forward!

i am THRILLED with this book and just added it to the little
widget listed on the side here.
it's called 'the wisdom of the enneagram.'

at first, i just flipped it here and there between numbers
(personalities are divided into numbers)
and was reading spotty like that.

and then i started reading the beginning. i never even did
that with the other book.
i had no idea these guys had a spiritual bent!

they are right up my alley all the way around!

suddenly everything i hear and see relates to personality topics.

i'm laughing.
and i'm dangerous to be around right now.
i want to figure out your number!

and i so want to work with mine!

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Sheryl said...

Hi Ter,
That book is on my bookshelf, too! I love how it shows the continuum of behavior. You're not good or're just somewhere on this continuum. And look how freeing it would be to cycle around in that upper level most of the time.