Thursday, June 9, 2011


she came thru my email one day.
telling me that her young grandson had tried to kill himself. i wrote her right back. what can i do to help????
of course, there's nothing i can do. except say i care.
and we become friends.

she posted good news of her grandson yesterday on her blog.
i was so so happy to read it.
and then later, she called.

first time i ever heard her beautiful voice.
she's been the rock behind her grandson.
and when she told me it was official, he'd never have to go back
to his abusive dad, the tears of relief just came right up.

kids and what they go thru with stories like this have so been on my mind.
hers gave me hope.
he was doin' so so so much better. doin' well in school, getting all kindsa
help....good stuff. tugs on my heart that ones so young have seen so much.
it's a hard thing to accept.
when i struggle with that, i think i will keep this young man in mind.
i do believe his struggles have given him much to offer the world.

i wrote this bone sigh in his honor last nite.......

it's called 'seth'

young in years...old in soul-
he came back from the edge
with a strength that radiated miles.
standing and speaking his truth,
he broke those chains
while we watched them crumble.
free now,
he can tend the fires inside him.
fires that will fuel his life and
the wisdom he has to offer...


Merry ME said...

Ah, yes, Firekeeper has touched many with his story of triumph. It is a story for all of us.

Beautiful tribute to his spirit and courage.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh God Star Woman...I'm sobbing.

Thank You! From Deep Within I Thank You, for FireKeeper, for me, for our family.

And...for that one sentence that spoke to us, "Don't let them take away who you are!" It was so much a part of the beginning of our healing!

I will make sure FireKeeper sees this! :)

You Are Beauty my Sister/Friend!

Jymi said...

tears... beauty runs through you and pours out to all you encounter. Blessed by you...

Pamela Jones said...

Firekeeper! He is the symbol for so many kids. You honor him, ter.