Wednesday, June 22, 2011

just sharin'.....

heard about a young girl yesterday...
a story that totally moved me.

writing for therapy today......
thought i'd share........

it wasn't hers

until she saw that it wasn't hers,
she wouldn't be able to put it down.
and with the way it crawled all over her and covered her,
that seemed impossible to even imagine.
and yet, it REALLY wasn't hers.
she hadn't done anything wrong.
it wasn't hers.
her work would be to believe that.
it would take all her strength and then some.
and when she found that knowing, then she'd finally put it down.

the healing began

feeling dirty, ashamed and damaged,
she hid her story.
not knowing that the woman next to her also hid hers.
and the next woman, and the next.
finally someone whispered the truth.
and their eyes met,
and their tears came,
their heads nodded softly,
and their arms reached out.
holding each other gently, telling their stories,
the healing began.

gently wrapping her

how do i tell her this isn't her fault?
how do i tell her it doesn't take her beauty away?
how do i tell her she matters and she is NOT damaged?
she can't hear me thru her sobbing.
thinking of women everywhere,
of their strength and their survival,
i hold their power in my heart,
closing my eyes, i wrap that power quietly around her,
and i sit and wait.

drop it

drop it.
turn your back to it.
leave it behind.
we need your hands free.
we've got some digging to do to find your light
that you lost along the way.
it's still there,
even tho you doubt it.
it's still there.
and we'll find it together.
and when we do,
we'll fall on our knees in gratitude and joy,
we'll laugh.
we'll cry.
and then gently,
ever so gently,
we'll take it back out to the world.


Tammie Lee said...

this is lovely and powerful
inspiring as well
and beautifully expressed. Thank you.

a friend sent me one of your quotes of the day:
gentle and soft

“ she longed for gentle and soft,
steady and wise,
strength and acceptance.
she went to the trees and let
their leaves fall upon her,
the breeze speak to her,
and the quiet soothe her. ”

your words are entirely beautiful to me
they have permeated my morning
and inspired a smile in my heart
so lovely to meet you.

lovely day and beyond,

PG Wagner said...

Beautiful and poignant, Terri. That's a message that can be applied so many ways to so many women.

Finding our light again. Love it.

Pamela Jones said...

Powerful, ter...very powerful...will share this one with people who will embrace its message

terri said...

thanks, you guys.
lovely to meet you too, tammie lee.....

Tamiami513 said...

So powerful.... WOW.... Thank you Terri... You are amazing....

Tamiami513 said...

Terri, all of your writings and poetry are so powerful!!! WOW....... Thank you........