Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a morning bike ride....

we met up for a morning bike ride.
what a morning for it!
so beautiful.
and as we rode along josh said hello to a man who
was weed whackin' the side of the trail.

the hellos were really friendly so i knew they knew
each other.

as we biked past, josh told me he had helped him push
his golf cart kinda thing into a truck one day.
i laughed as i remembered him telling me about that.

on our way back, we stopped on the side of the trail so
the cart coming up behind us could pass us.

sure enough, same guy.

he stops to say hello.
josh says 'richard, right?'
he's an older black guy with a thick southern maryland
accent and a really great smile.
yep, it's richard.
josh reminds him he's josh and introduces me as his mom, terri.

and then he proceeds to ask him all about the weed whacking.
how long does it take him? when he starts at one end does he
start over? how long does it take him?

he asks with total interest.
they joke a bit and then richard heads off.

as we got back on our bikes i grinned at josh.
'do you know not everyone knows everyone wherever they go??'
he looks over at me and says with all sincerity 'i don't know
why not. almost everyone is so nice and everyone has a story.
we really should all know each other.'

i loved this.
not only because it's so josh.
but also because josh just had some drama in his life with
a total snake of a landlady who he thought was a friend. he
got to see firsthand how some people can totally reek of greed
and what lousy things they do because of it.

and still he said what he did.
and still he wants to meet everyone.
i love that.
just love that.

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