Monday, June 13, 2011

the perfect morning

the weather broke.

i love that phrase.

i think cause whenever i say it, i mean the heat left.
and i'm usually so thankful for that.

the weather broke.
as i took a walk this morning, i couldn't believe how beautiful
it was outside.

lifting my face to the breeze, i closed my eyes.

i've always liked the north. i like the colors of the north
and the cooler feel in the summer.....

it felt north to me this morning.

it was one heck of a weekend.
i don't think it could have been any fuller.
the joy of the engagement is the obvious full part.
but that didn't come out of nowhere.
there was a lotta emotions before that.
and then there was the haze of just trying to understand
everything that was going on while still attending one of
josh's gigs and reveling in his music.

this morning seemed to be the first chance to really take it all in
and breathe in what really happened this weekend.

and to breathe it in along with the cool air was perfect.
i lifted my face to the breeze and felt the gratitude run thru me.
i remember starting out ten years ago....
telling my self with such determination that i wanted a life of 'real.'

man, did i get it, i thought.
i so got it.

i don't think anyone could have a more 'real' weekend than i just had.

and i smiled.

it wasn't the romantic scenes from a movie.
it was so scenes from terri's life.

and i tell ya, it was perfect.
as perfect as the morning this morning.

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