Thursday, June 30, 2011

sharing joy...

i love joy.
it's one of my favorites.

and something happened last nite that got me thinking about
it in a new way.

i just always liked it.
never thought about it much more than that.

well, last nite i found myself sharing pure joy with
someone i haven't even shared happiness with in over
ten years.

it was the first moment in over ten years where there
were no walls, no defenses....and.....beyond all that...
pure pure joy.

i noticed it big time. i watched it.
and i delighted in it.

what a gift it was.

later i got to thinking about it all.
i have people i share my joys with.
people i run to and tell my glad things to.
people i squeal with.
people i share my joy with.

my regular joy sharers.

last nite i was reminded that having those people that you
go to for that is a complete gift. and i realized how big
a deal it was to have them. and i realized what an incredible
thing that is to share.

and i realized who i didn't do it with.
and why.

and i guess that's what it's all about.......

there are people you don't do it with.
people who won't be happy for you, or will rain on your
parade or who won't understand.

and that right there is why they're only so close to you.
only so much in your life.

and that right there is why it's such a gift that you have
the others.......cause they WILL be happy for you and
they will understand and they will rejoice with you....
they will be close to you. they will be big parts of your life.

and THAT is the gift.

and then.......something that hit me really deep and moved me a lot....
i was so happy my heart could do this last nite.
there are reasons i didn't need to feel as open and joyful as i did.
but i didn't even have to think about it.
i just freely rejoiced.

i thought about that later.
my heart opened when it didn't have to.
this is a person i don't share my joy with.
and yet, i could give it to her.
without even trying.

and i was so tickled about that.

my heart loved.
really well.

which gave me my own kinda joy inside......

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