Friday, July 1, 2011

a good day ahead...

he was comin' thru a little late last nite.
i was tired, was gonna get some sleep.
i told his brothers to say hey for me,
closed my bedroom door, turned out the light,
and i snuggled in to get some sleep.

just as i was falling into that wonderful fuzzy state,
i hear him tapping at my door.

i grunt.
a quiet grunt as i'm almost asleep.

he can't hear that grunt.
but it doesn't matter,
he isn't listening for a response.
he doesn't need one.
he plows in anyway.

now, for the record, he can be one of the most thoughtful,
sensitive guys in the world. and he can tiptoe and not make
a sound if he wants to.

but he didn't want to.
he wanted to show me something.

so he plows in with his laptop and a big grin on his face.

'i'm asleep' i mumble.

'not any more' he says cheerfully....and loudly...
'i wanna show you something.'

'you wake me up to show me something, i'm gonna insult you.'
i tell him with my face still shoved into the pillow.

so i start insulting him while he's pulling up whatever it is
he wants me to see on his laptop.

i just rattle off insults, inserting 'this is what happens
when you wake me' several times between jabs.

he shows me something he's created.
i laugh.
we both grin at each other.
and he scoots out.
and THEN he's quiet.
i hear him talking softly with his brothers and trying not
to bother me.

this morning is an odd morning here, and i wasn't sure what
time everyone was getting up.

as i was making my bed i heard noah's voice say loudly
'what on earth is everyone doing up?'

i walked slowly towards his room with my neck leaning over
one way, head tilted, trying to see over towards zakk's room.
wanted to make sure zakk was up before i started talking loud.

zakk is walking towards me with the same neck/head tilt goin'
on tryin' to figure out if i'm up.

we grin at each other and meet right in the hallway in front of
noah's open door.

noah is laying in bed looking at us with this pained look.
it was a bit too early for him this morning.
zakk reaches over and does this thing to my face that drives me
nuts. which is why he does it.

noah insists that zakk and i are like two young siblings, always
bothering each other.... and he's positive that we were brother
and sister in a past life.

i glare at zakk.
and i start smacking him hard.

'ow.ow' he's got his hands up blocking my slaps.

noah laughs and shakes his head and declares: 'another day has begun.'

another day HAS begun.
and THIS is the group i'm goin' on a road trip with today!

it's been too long since we've been shoved in a car together.
and i'm really looking forward to that.

i may change my mind on the way back as bob's got me almost
convinced we'll never make it home cause of traffic.

well, ter, you wanted to be shoved in the car with them.....
this may really be your day for it!

there's certain seating combinations in the car that create havoc.
actually, wherever noah sits....front or's peaceful
there. i never thought of that before. we can pair noah up with
anyone and we've got peace. it's the other three of us that are
a bit of a problem to pair for peaceful rides.

and that set of seats peaceful, one set crazed
can be so fun.

it's gonna be a good day....

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