Friday, June 17, 2011

so much good....

so, okay, some sort of landing took place over here.
i woke up groggy and then it kinda landed on me all that
i had let slip by this week.
i gotta do this. and i gotta do that.
and ohhhh i'd better do that over there too.
uh oh. i forgot about that.

the fact that i'm seeing this now must mean i've come back to earth.

and as i walked, i was hit again with the quickness of it all.
how life travels at such fast speed.
i thought of the mimosa tree i had seen the other day.

you know how smells will just totally bring you back somewhere?
well, for some reason when the mimosa trees flower, it brings
me back just as powerfully as a smell would to when noah was
a little guy. the memory will be so strong it will kinda overwhelm
me. he loved mimosa trees. and i can just see him so clearly as
that little fella.

that happened several times recently.

so as i walked, i thought of that, remembered when the guys were little
and so darn cute.

i thought of bob's kids....and how young they were when we all met.
how the first time i saw dean he was runnin' around in his pajamas with
a blanket tied around his shoulders being superman.

and there he was the other nite, 6'3", huge, and figurin' out how to
get into a union.

how does this happen.

walkin' back i stopped and chatted with my elderly neighbor.
time going quickly is always stamped on my forehead when i visit with her.

i want it to just all slow down.
sometimes i want to go back and hold the guys when they were small again.
go back and fix some of the mistakes.
go back and hold some of the moments longer.
all of that.

i looked down at my ring.
it just keeps moving forward.
and that's good.
it has such good in it.

i know that.
i just still feel the tugs here and there.

so today i'm gonna do a mix.
rush around and try to catch up and get a lot done.
and at the same time savor and hold the moments.
coffee with the girls in a bit.
sittin' watchin' josh's gig later tonite.
talkin' to the guys about business this afternoon.

so much good.
gonna hold it and know what a gift it is.......


AkasaWolfSong said...

Life is bittersweet isn't it girlfriend? Funny you mentioned smells triggering memories...I did it with FireKeeper this week...we were talking about homemade bread and how he loves that smell. Me too! I think it brings me thoughts of Mother, Home, know...all of that.

Ahhh it would be nice at some moments to turn back the hands of time but seriously I love the marching on thing...and going to hang on to watching new evolve.

Have fun with your day! :)
Blessings Star Woman!

Jymi said...

I'm right there with you today terri. Woke up to my to do list, but sat on the porch for coffee and my inspirational ladies like you to start it off! Taking a few moments to write down the gifts in my every day life. I can just feel your happy all the way in North Carolina. Feel your love! Thank you, thank you!!

P.S. I've been working and creating! Send you pics soon!!