Friday, June 3, 2011

time to rejuvenate...

i'm worn out this morning.
in need of a break.
just some time to recharge.

i'm thinking it's perfect timing........
i'll be headin' off with that guy of mine for a little
family stuff and a little 'us' time.

like i say, i'm worn down a bit.
my emotions lean towards sad.
and i looked down at this quote that a friend sent me yesterday.

check this out:

'today will be joyous, for the beauty slamming against my face
is unwilling to be ignored.' - susan mrosek

i looked down, read that and grinned.

isn't that just the best quote???

gonna tape that to the dashboard of my car today.
and gonna let the winds of a trip, and the company of my guy
remind me of the beauty slamming against my face.

wishing you all a weekend of rejuvenation!

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