Wednesday, July 20, 2011

belly up!

is it possible to wake up punchy?
ohmygosh.....from being woken from a dream about
buying josh and bob plastic orange pants cause i
got the last orange jump suit,
to stumbling thru the house feeling about as groggy
as you could feel and still be awake...
to washing my face, brushing my teeth, and then three
seconds later wondering if i washed my face or not...
and then washing it again...
to poking at my toe with a needle cause something was
in there somewhere but i couldn't find it...
to mumbling about what a male thing it was to say when
noah told me i didn't have anything in my toe...
and the laughing so hard that i snorted....
then feeling like i was gonna suffocate unless i got the
fan on NOW...
i had a feeling it was gonna be a weird morning.

as i headed out for my walk, i looked down on the road
and there was a frog who had died.

i'm seriously a compassionate person. i hate to see dead
creatures in the road, and i'm always very gentle about it.

but you know....punchy morning, right?

so i looked down at this frog, belly up, bloated, with one
arm reaching out to the sky and without missing a beat,
i said out loud to him 'i know just how you feel.'

so off i toddled and on the way back, i met my elderly neighbor.
she's been havin' a hard time lately. i was surprised to see her
as she hasn't been out in the mornings.

but there she was, and i stopped and chatted.

i pointed out i was having a punchy morning and i just started
laughing about all kindsa things as we chatted.

several times she looked at me with amusement kinda lookin'
at me like wondering if i had wine for breakfast.

and then i told her about the frog.

i prefaced it with the same preface i did here...that really,
normally, i'm quite a compassionate person....
and then i described the frog.

with a grin on my face and much drama and swooping of arms
and big eyes i described it. and then told her i was totally
relating. and i knew just how it felt.

and she laughed so hard it made me laugh.

i think she was relating a bit too.

comic relief they'd call it.

and so i told her when she was havin' a hard time today,
to think of the frog, and remind herself that she didn't
want to be like that frog.

as i walked away down her driveway, i heard her laughing and
i heard her calling after me 'don't be belly up today!'
and i heard her laughing and laughing.

hmmmm....think i passed my punchy off to her this morning.
not a bad thing.

i chuckled all the way home, and as i passed that poor
little froggy, i gave it a quiet little nod out of respect and
then a grin and thanked it for its symbolism today.

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