Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the newsletter

we sent out our newsletter yesterday.
and as it was still sending them, my stomach reacted,
and i wanted to throw up.


mainly because we announced our new audio we're now offering.
it's a new project the guys and i have been working on.
it's me chattin' and readin' bone sighs.


i wanted to throw up.

ya see, just cause i put all this stuff out here, doesn't
mean it's easy.

and then i announced my engagement too and told how it affected
me so deeply.


no wonder i wanted to throw up.
i just put all that right on out there for the world to see.

but um....that's what my job is...so i keep tryin' to do that...
and yeah...sometimes it's really scary.

the guys were laughing at me.
zakk went to get me an emergency cup of dunkin' donuts coffee.
it was the last thing i wanted.
i really wanted to throw up.

but you see, the guys like to hype me up on caffeine.
they tell me i'm much more fun.
they figured this was a good opportunity to get me wired
and watch the show.
they've figured out the dunkin' donuts coffee does it really well.

and it did.

of all the newsletters to not get, that's the one that didn't make it
thru to bob. i wanted him to see the engagement part.
and then i heard other people weren't getting it.

ahhhhh....there's a nice cosmic joke!
feel like throwin' up the first time you send it?
well, just keep reposting it til you get used to the idea!

if anyone stopping by here wants to see and hasn't gotten it....
here's a link to it!

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