Wednesday, July 13, 2011

packing slips

i'm a pretty gentle person.
and yeah, it hasn't been that long that i've known that.
but i see it now.
and yeah, i see i'm pretty darn gentle.

i raised my kids with no tv, very few movies,
and squirt animals instead of squirt guns.

i hate to watch movies where people are mean to each other,
and the killing stuff i just don't want to watch.

i'm a vegetarian.
and well, you get the idea.

so yesterday i had my guy on my mind.
loving him for all he is.

gentleness is not his default position.
he's pretty much the opposite of me. hunting is something
he enjoys. i really think if there were past lives,
he was a warrior of some kind.

packing up an order yesterday, i grabbed a box i had sitting
around. taping it all up, i saw an old packing slip still stuck
to the top.

hmmmm...guess i'd better get that out as this is being shipped
to one of my shops i work with.

so i opened up the little holder and pulled out the packing slip.

unfolding it, i read it, and then just sat down and laughed.

listed on the sheet was a metal gun holder, a gun storage case,
and then all kindsa gun stuff.

it was bob's box.

i sat there holding that packing slip thinking about him.

and loving all of him.

how weird it is we found each other.
how totally weird it is we love each other.

and how totally good for me this whole thing is.....

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