Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a remember list...

feelin' a bit weary today, i sat at my desk thinking,
trying to feel what was going on inside.

i feel way detached from the world today.
possibly a reaction to the emotions of the week and the world news.
possibly a reaction to a string of events in my own life.

whatever the reason, detached it is.

i looked down at a pad i had on the desk.
last nite i had grabbed a bunch of bone sighs and taken a single
line out of each.

i got a list that looks like this....

choosing to believe, i face the world again
they changed the darkness back to light
to grow her heart
the healing began
it's a river you must dare to ride
she nurtured it back to fullness
it felt holy
the wise one inside
her heart spoke to her
our souls remember
she danced
bowing down
holding hands
her song
with light in my eyes

underneath the list, i have scribbled, 'living life'.....

it's a cool list.
it's a reminder list.
it's a remember list.
it helps me remember what's inside of me.
that's not why i wrote it. but it helps a lot today.
cause for some reason, i can't quite feel it right now.
but i remember - it's a process.
and right now i must be in some sorta shut down mode.
but i'm trusting it.

i am so trusting it.

and that right there makes me smile.
i'm learning.

how many times have i said 'trust the process.'
about five gazillion.

maybe it's finally sinking in.....
curlin' in, claiming some quiet space, and trusting the process.

1 comment:

Donna said...

it's a wonderful list - and a wonderful reminder - for more than just yourself; in fact, they were the words i needed to hear this morning before setting out into the day. thanks for sharing!