Monday, July 4, 2011

a sparkler in the dark...

so it's the fourth....

and i can't recall ever not being so into it as i am this year.

i'm holding on to the fact that we have a ton to be grateful
for living where we do.

that isn't lost on me for a moment, and i know better than
to take that lightly.

so that's what i'm holding on to today. gratitude for freedom
and for living in a house with food in my fridge with sons
who are healthy.

as a country, tho, i'm just not very proud of us.
i'm just not.

i really wonder about the guys who set it all up so long ago.
what if we had them here now? how would they feel?

even the fireworks is kinda gettin' to me...
there's two places we pick from to go to.
and both places have gotten kinda rough.

i have no desire to be at either place.
sure, we can travel further and try a different place,
and we might.

don't know.
just not feelin' it.

i truly believe that the possibilities are limitless when
you get dedicated, creative, thinking, original, bright
people working together.

i truly believe in that.
and sometimes i sit and wonder what it would be like if
we actually had that kinda group running our country.

and right now i'm just wonderin' if greed, ego, and ignorance
have just kinda grabbed the reins for a bit.

i'm not impressed with what we've done with this amazing system
of ours. and i'm not proud.

still, i guess one should celebrate it's birth, and it's existence.
and it's possibilities.

and i guess that's what i'll do today.
maybe i'll light a sparkler for hope.
because i know there's some amazing people out there.
and i know we are capable of great things.

i think we've just forgotten...or gotten a little lost...
and maybe some sparklers of hope are just what we need.

at least...i think they're just what i need....

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