Wednesday, July 27, 2011


driving along, i had this thought....

i don't want her to be lost.
i mean, really really lost.
so lost she has no idea.
i was gonna say broken...that seems unfair.
lost seems more fair.

i don't want her to be lost.
i don't want all that hurt to have taken her away.
i don't want her to not know how to love.
i don't want her to be like she is.

i want her different.

and that's not love.

bob's taught me that.
real love is loving all the person.
and allowing them to be.

that's real love.

i need to release my wants and allow her to be.

and then i'll be able to love her for real.

how do i release my wants?

maybe that's how i tie in what my friend told me this morning.
really loving someone else is really loving yourself.

maybe if i can really love myself, i won't want her to be different.
and maybe she can just be.

but she'll die a person who never lived, i argue.

and so she will, i answer. that's not my deal.

but maybe my deal is loving her anyway.

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Camille Olivia said...

Hey Miz Ter ~ this is so lovely...and there was one thing that really struck me...about releasing the wants. Just a thought: maybe it isn't "the wants" that you need to release. Maybe it's about understanding that they are there to help you grow into who you really are. In other words, it is the contrast (what you do or don't want) that helps us sift through and find our selves. The wants are not there to torture us. Instead, they are there so we may DECIDE and then focus upon those things that make us G-R-O-W. Just sayin'.