Wednesday, July 20, 2011

those stinkin' struggles....

i read a post by a friend yesterday who got emotionally hit hard
and was feeling like she was falling off a cliff, and here she had
been feelin' like she was doin' good. and now she found herself
over the cliff's edge.


don't we just know that feeling????

and i had just posted all around that i wanted to remind everyone
that the struggles brought us gold.

i kinda sat back and did the kick myself thing.
who are you, ter, to go around sayin' it's all worth it and remember
there's gold in them thar hills. who the heck are you?
just cause you came to some kinda good spot and could see the fruit
of your labor...maybe it's just cause you aren't down in a pit right now.

but um....
i had to stop myself mid kick, mid rant....
THAT'S the whole point! i wasn't down in a pit, (and i coulda been)
and i COULD see that the work had paid off, and i wasn't struggling
right then....

when else on earth are you gonna be able to shout about it, ter?
when you're back in another pit?? nooooo that's when my friend who
just fell off the cliff will be posting that she fell into the water,
swam to an underground cave and found treasures that she's now sitting
with on the beautiful sunny beach.

because that's what we need to do for each other. we cycle thru these
things and we learn and we grow and we cycle thru again.

we remind each other when we're in the good spot that we do come out
of that blackness. and we all do it, and we all have phases, and we
can all be these great big reminders for each other.

and the blackness? the pits? the cliff fallings? they suck.
they just totally suck. totally, huh???
cause so many times they're our vehicle.

and we DO travel to amazing places....even in the darkness.

let's keep reminding each other...
and please, shout it my way the next time i'm layin' at the bottom of
the pit....

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