Friday, August 5, 2011

diggin' the hormones and the whole deal...

i'm still on this weird hormone kick.
just watchin' and enjoyin' them.

headin' out for a walk this morning, i saw my elderly neighbor
gettin' her trash ready for the morning pick up.

i scooted up her driveway to give her a hand.

close to us was another neighbor out getting ready to
mow his lawn.

as i leaned in the trash can to tie her trash up,
she asked how i was doin' today.
with both our heads leaned in together, i spoke
thru the side of my mouth, as if i didn't want the guy
neighbor to hear and said - 'oh man, i got my period
and i'm so feelin' it this morning!'

she looked at me with that knowing look, and kidded
around a bit, low, so the guy wouldn't hear, and we
laughed like we were 16 years old.

i told her i'd be back, but if i sat down now, i'd never
get up, and i'd catch her on the way back.

setting her trash can down on the street, and headin' on
for my walk, i had the biggest grin on my face.

i thought about it.
i'm fifty years old.
she's eighty three.
and we're STILL whisperin' and jokin' about my period
like we're teenagers.

only, when i was a teenager, i didn't joke about it!!!

ah, the stuff that bonds women.

i'm diggin' the whole thing today, the mood...
even the cramps! yep! even the cramps.
i feel them and think about what my body's doin',
and i'm amazed.

i did take some aspirin.
yeah, i did.
but i'm thinking how lucky i am to be this healthy.

when i did come back around and sit with my neighbor,
we talked of how lucky we were just to be able to pay
our bills.

i told her i had forgotten that the other day, and gotten
discouraged. but then i remembered. it's really a hard
time right now. so many people are struggling. i've got
so much. and i need to remember that.

and then as i walked home feelin the cramps, heading for
the aspirin, it hit me again how lucky i was. my body is
doin' something really really funky amazing! and it does
this every darn month.

it's really pretty darn cool.
toasting the universe this morning!

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