Sunday, August 7, 2011

in for the how......

as we drove to the store, he asked me a question about myself.
i was surprised he didn't know and then commented on all the things
we still don't know about each other.

and hence the game began. he'd ask me a question, then i'd ask him one.
back and forth. asking things we really didn't know about each other.

it started out slowly, but got really rolling as we sat and had
a drink outside under a canopy and watched a rain storm come
rolling in and then pour all around us.

i had been teasing him just before we pulled into the drink place.
and as we got out of the car in the parking lot, he had said
something teasing back asking how long you could really expect
a relationship to last. now the teasing had been something about
eight hundred years together, or something like that. but the line
he said...about how long....made me think.

that's always something i wonder.
having lost a marriage, i'm extra sensitive to that question.

how long is it that we really cherish each other? how long do we
still want to play the question game and learn more about each other?
i know all too well that it can totally die out and even the desire
to revive it is gone.

i cherish this man.
yesterday i showed him well.

i don't always.

yesterday i remembered how good it was to show him.
yesterday i remembered how it creates magic when i do.

it's like that with all of life, i think.
not just with your partner.

i think it's like that with every piece of life.
and i've been thinking about that this morning.

i'm workin today, cutting my elderly neighbor's hair today,
and goofin a bit with my sons today.

with each one of those things, i can create the magic that comes
with treasuring the moments. with treasuring the people and the work.

that's my goal today.
doesn't really matter how much i get done, how good that hair cut is,
or what i do with the guys.....the only thing that really matters
is HOW i do them all......

i'm in for the 'how' today......
cause i've been reminded that the how is everything....

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