Monday, August 15, 2011

just the way it works....


life is full of change.

relationships are constantly changing.

it's all fluid or flux or something.

and it ain't all easy, is it?

it was another theme day.
where everything seemed to be about the same theme.

changing relationships was the course for the day.

i'm startin' to get a little aggravated that my education
didn't include any of these basic concepts. how old is
civilization anyway? doesn't it occur to us to teach this
stuff? or at LEAST to NOT teach the opposite of the truth???

i somehow grew up thinking life is supposed to be steady and
the same. relationships staying the same forever.

there should be tests thru-out life at certain times.
age ten, age 16, 18, 21, 25....just constant check ins to make
sure you're getting some of the basics straight about life.

relationships changing woulda been a good standard question.

i heard myself talkin' yesterday...talkin' about anger.

'you can drop the anger, it's only hurting you. if you're
keeping it to make sure that you know the relationship's
changed, you don't need it. it changed. it will never be
the same. that's just the way it is. anger doesn't add anything
to that.'

i saw his face visibly relax.
he knew it was true.

we forget things really do change with or without us.

and we forget that they change again.
and again.
and again.
and again.

i listened to her happy voice. finding 'true love' has brought
such joy for her. the other times weren't 'true.' and she can
so feel the difference.

i can buy that. hopefully we learn as we go along and things get
healthier and better.

that's the hope.

but even those things change.
we forget that.

walkin' i thought of all the different 'departments' of my life.
business owner, partner to my guy, mother to my sons, daughter,
sister, friend....all of those pieces of my life...they've all
changed in so many ways. that's good to know and accept.
but the thing to keep remembering is that they KEEP changing.

they won't stop changing.

i think i read somewhere that we're either growing or dying.
i think that's just one of those basic rules of life.

and i guess the changes we feel are taking us in either one of
those directions. that might help to see which way the changes
are leading us. and use that knowledge when we deal with them.

are we growing or are we dying in the different places?
what is it we need to let die?
what is it we need to grow?

when i stop and look at those questions, it really helps me see better.

and here's a good one....if we just can't figure it just
watch. cause the changes will eventually make it very very clear.

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