Sunday, August 14, 2011

letting the magic lead....

i have no word for it but 'magic.'

to me it's magical.

one of those happenings that the logical call 'coincidence'
the religious call 'god'
and i call 'magical.'

some world stuff had me churning inside,
really deeply churning.
so deep i was quiet about it.
the deeper for me, the quieter i get about it.

i had let it leak out a bit with two different people,
but the only one i truly told about it was 'the uinverse'....
and i put it out there i wanted to help, and asked for
some sort of guidance.

and then i let it go.

that was last week.

yesterday my answer landed in my email.

it'd been awhile since i had gotten hit that hard by the
way that works.

i had forgotten, i guess.

cause when it happened, my insides were just knocked silly.

to me, it was obvious that this was no coincidence.

sitting in the passenger seat just a few minutes later,
driving along a back road, i looked out the window at the
trees. i was so full of gratitude for being guided,
i could feel it in every little bit of me.
and i thanked whatever the heck did the guiding.

and i held the magic of life.

i really really held it.
with gratitude.

and that's what i'm holding on to this morning.
it's been an emotion packed few days for me,
too much in fact.
i need a break.
today, i'm taking that break and i'm holding the magic.
that's my plan.

to quietly go about my day, holding this magic close
to my heart.

cause i so believe in it.

and i drop it way too many times.

and i forget.

not today.
today i'm gonna let it lead me.

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