Tuesday, August 23, 2011

life with gorillas

okay, i think this is really funny.
had to share.

lunch time around here is mostly when we gather
and catch up now. josh stops on his way to work,
and we all sit down together.

we had just enjoyed a really good natured fun lunch
and gotten back to life. the energy between everyone
was really good. there had been a lot of laughing.

which is prolly why i figured everyone was still goofin'

i was moving our laundry over....wet stuff into the
dryer, when the washer started really moving around.
i had been leaning in it, but stood up and was amazed
at how much it was moving.

noah and josh were still up in the kitchen. the walls
are shared between the kitchen and where my washer and dryer are.
well, sorta.

i just figured they were REALLY horseplaying and somehow
moving the area i was in.

i looked up and the walls were moving!

my brain was just moving on from the 'wow, they are
so strong, they're movin' the darn walls' to 'hmmmmm.
this is more than horseplaying. they must be doin' something
awfully big down at the base. what on earth could they
be doing??'

(we have a naval base down the road and frequently feel
the booms go thru.)

then i heard josh yelling to get out of the house.....
still, having no idea why, but following cause it seemed
like a good idea....i followed them out.

i think it was as i was headin' out the kitchen door it
finally occurred to me it was an earthquake. and THAT'S
when my knees got shaky.

i ran right down to check on my neighbor so we could look
wide-eyed at each other and say 'wow.' together.

when i came home we all shared stories of what we thought.

noah said he was standing at the fridge and the whole
fridge was moving. and he thought for sure zakk was shaking it.

then he looked up at the ceiling, saw that moving, and knew
what was up.

i keep laughing about that.

the fact that both noah and i thought these gorilla guys of
mine were responsible for the movements.

every time i think of that, i laugh.

life with gorillas....you look at everything in a different way.

this time, it did me a lotta good as i didn't get shaky til
it was all over.

i have never been in a real catastrophe. and i hope never to be
in one.

this tiny little taste made me think about just how traumatic
a really big earthquake or any disaster would be.

your world is truly shaken. and i don't mean that as a bad pun.

feeling very grateful right now,
and laughing at life with gorillas......


AkasaWolfSong said...

OMG!!! I was just on the phone with my Sis who lives in Kentucky and she was sharing there was a big earthquake out on the Eastern Seaboard and I said I need to get on the computer and see if Terri felt it? I just knew you had! I'm really happy you all are safe and sound and it wasn't anything worse than what it was.

I've been in several in my lifetime too and it totally has you coming unglued for a few seconds...

Okay...just checking in with you to make sure you all are alright and laughing at your 'life with gorilla's post...too funny!

Big Hugs to All of You! :)

terri said...

thanks akasa! all is fine! thanks for checkin' in! hope all is good with your sister!

Anonymous said...

Too, too funny!

Denise P.