Wednesday, August 24, 2011

making cookies...making joy.....

the one thing i wouldn't miss out on yesterday was making
those cookies i had planned on making.

it wasn't to have cookies.
it was to somehow touch in and reach my inner child.

and no matter how crazy the day was, i was gonna make
sure i got to those cookies.

turned out perfectly as i couldn't find my recipe
and so i had to wing it. best thing that could have
happened to me as it immediately got me into the free
and easy mood.

i don't think i've ever made cookies with such
abandon and delight in doing whatever felt right.

i grabbed a bag of flour i had.
dumped whatever was in it into my bowl.
'perfect amount' i announced out loud as i tossed
the empty flour bag away.

dumped in oats.
hmmmmm....that seems like a lot.
oh well, the guys can eat a lot.

pouring salt into my hand i wondered if you could make
cookies too salty. nah, this isn't that much, i decided
as i tossed it in there.

couldn't remember if it was baking powder or baking soda
or both.....let's go for both.

on and on i went.

don't forget the raisins! we need raisins!
whatever was left in the raisin bin turned out to be the
perfect amount!

mixing it all with my hands and then licking my fingers
with delight, i could feel the joy of cooking.

i never did have the patience to make cookies one at a time,
so i ended up globbing it all together and making one big
ol' thing of cookies to cut into bars later.


popped them in that oven.

whew. i needed that.

i could feel good things inside of me.

and guess what???
they came out great!!!!!!

i do believe i'm gonna take a tea party break
today with my inner child and indulge in a cookie
right along with the tea!

sometimes we just gotta make the joy.....
and that's a good thing.

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Merry ME said...

Yikes! You mixed it with your hands? I'm going to assume you washed them good and sang Old MacDonald while you did it!